Developing and Empowering Communities through Observation Dialog and Experience In The Arts (DECODE-IT) encourages undergraduate and graduate students to learn about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through storytelling in the form of music, dance, poetry, art, dramatic monologues, and candid conversations coordinated in a “speed friending” layout.


Enhance Cultural Competence

Engages participants in a series of interactive activities and one-on-one conversations with students who will share their cultural experience with the goal to increase each participant’s awareness, knowledge, understanding, and sensitivity of different cultures.


Expand Networking Circles

Provides students an opportunity to connect with their peers from multiple colleges and departments. Through this, participants will be able to learn about the professional experience of others in DEI and opportunities for future mentorship or partnership.


Build Personal Brand

Gives students an informal platform to share their accomplishments, receive insights on their future endeavors, and build their non-technical skills. For those who are at the beginning stages of developing their personal brand, the event will provide them an avenue to discover and reflect on their ideal brand.


Increase Self-Efficacy

Creates a safe space for participants to disclose their strengths and challenges that culminated from their experience in DEI with the goal to boost students level of confidence in themselves and their ability to express their authentic self with others through candid conversations.



Learn More

For more information on our upcoming DECODE-IT event in October 2023, please join our Bowers CIS DEI Slack Channel.