Vision, Mission, and Goals

Cornell Bowers CIS DEI Vision:


To be a global model of excellence for diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech.


Cornell Bowers CIS DEI Mission:


To engage collaboratively with collegiate, corporate, and community partners to broaden the participation of marginalized populations and promote a cultural climate that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion.



Cornell Bowers CIS DEI Goals:

  • Design equitable and inclusive practices that demonstrates the college’s commitment to foster a community that respects and appreciates diversity.

  • Build an inclusive environment where staff, faculty, and students feel a sense of belonging and value for their unique contributions to excellence.

  • Strengthen the recruitment, retention, and advancement of staff, faculty, and students from marginalized groups.

  • Create activities that are geared towards the development, engagement, and empowerment of targeted populations within the college’s internal and external communities.

  • Ensure the application of effective communication and efficient dissemination to convey diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

  • Support the expansion of financial resources needed to implement collegiate initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Collect data and establish assessment metrics to measure staff, faculty, and students’ contributions to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.