CSMore Works


CSMore Works provides an opportunity for CSMore participants to receive mentorship, academic support, and social interaction through a series of engagement activities on campus and in the local community.

CSMore works benefits

Provided below are the benefits that are offered to students who have successfully completed CSMore during Summer  2021, 2022, and 2023.

$500 – $1,000 Financial Stipend

Bowers CIS DEI will conduct a research study on the experience of CSMore students who have taken an Academic Excellence Workshop (AEW) for CS 2800, CS 3110, and CS 3410. Those who decide to be a part of this study will receive $500 per semester for their enrollment in the AEWs. Students who enroll in CS 2800 and CS 3110 during the fall semester will only receive $500. Please Note: CSMore students are compensated for their involvement in the study that requires them to be enrolled in the AEWs. Students who are not a part of the study are encouraged to enroll in an AEW that fits their schedule.

Free Mentorship Lunch or Dinner

During the spring semester, CSMore alumni will be mentored by a participant from CSMore 2020 or 2021 who have successfully completed CS 2800, CS 3110, or CS 3410. Cornell Bowers CIS DEI will cover the meals associated with each mentoring session.

Free Private and Group Tutoring

CSMore alumni will receive free private and group tutoring throughout the time that they are enrolled in CS 2800, CS 3110, and CS 3410 for a maximum of two hours per week. Tutors will be primarily recruited from CSMore and URMC.

Participate in Corporate Tours

CSMore alumni will engage with corporate representatives through virtual and/or in-person guided tours, information sessions, panel discussions, and professional development workshops.

Priority Access for DEI Events

Cornell Bowers CIS DEI offers a number of social activities throughout the academic year (that are often over capacity in participant registration). CSMore Alumni will be given priority access to ALL events.

Employment Opportunities

Cornell Bowers CIS DEI hires DEIB Ambassadors, AEW Facilitators, ARCS Tutors, and Summer Teaching Assistants/Resident Assistants each academic year. CSMore Alumni will be prioritized for hire.