Code Afrique

Coming to Abuja, Nigeria Jan. 2025

Our Mission:

To give African students a window into the world of computer science and its vast potential for development in this era of technology. 

Code Afrique, initially Ghana Hacks, is a continuing program designed for African high school and University students with interest or bias in the sciences. It is aimed at giving these students a window into the world of computer science, and its vast potential for development. The objective is to change the narrow mentality that medical school and other well-known scientific professions are the only options for science students who graduate from high school. The program also serves as an avenue for these high school students to network with students from the continent pursuing higher education and careers in Computer Science.

Our Programs:

Advanced Computer Systems Presentations

Participants gather for an interactive presentation on the latest developments in computer science conducted by one of the following faculty members: Dr. Robbert Van Renesse, Research Professor at Cornell University or Dr. Hakim Weatherspoon, Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University. Through this, current and inspiring computer science students are able to boost their productivity, increase their self-efficacy, become empowered to make a difference in their respective community, and learn how to expand their sphere of influence.

Interactive Coding Bootcamps

Computer science students from pre-selected partner schools are engaged in a full day of synergetic lessons and workshops on basic programming followed by a competitive hackathon and mentorship sessions with distinguished representatives from educational institutions and partner corporations.

Become a Volunteer Today

Our past volunteers included students from Cornell University, MIT, Duke University, Rochester University and Mount-Holyoke. We also have two distinguished professors from Cornell University and Research Scientists from Google. If you are interested in becoming a future volunteer, send us an email by clicking on the button below.


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