The primary goal of the Rising Sophomore Summer Program in Computer Science (CSMore) is to broaden the participation of  students in computer science through interactive learning, research exposure, and social engagement.  Freshmen (who have an interest in pursuing a major in computer science) are encouraged to submit an online application by March 6, 2023.

This year, CSMore will be held on June 12, 2023 – July 7, 2023 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Below is a brief overview of the program:

  • CSMore prepared its participants for CS 2800, CS 3110, and CS 3410
  • Topics covered will include Pre-2800 Discrete Structures; Pre-3110 Data Structures and Functional Programming; Pre 3410-H Computer System Organization (Hardware); and Pre 3410-C Computer System Organization and Programming (C)
  • CSMore participants will receive on-campus housing accommodations, meals, snacks, and course materials at no cost
  • $1,000 will be provided to each participant who successfully completed the program
  • CSMore participants will engage in social activities (on and off-campus) with their peers, faculty members, and Cornell Bowers CIS DEI team
  • For questions regarding next summer’s program, please email Dr. LeeAnn Roberts at LeeAnn.Roberts@cornell.edu 




Engage in coursework on Discrete Structures, Computer System Organization, Functional Programming, and Data Structures to support their enrollment in CS 2800, CS 3110, and CS 3410.

Receive information on graduate schools, undergraduate research, and career paths in academia.

Understand how to utilize computing research to support local communities and solve global problems.

Learn about career opportunities available for CS majors from a panel of professionals who have diverse roles and backgrounds in the tech industry.

Prepare for future Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) through research skills training.

Connect with representatives from some of the nation’s leading corporations in computer science.



"Cornell is now on the map – people look to us as an example of programs to run that increase underrepresented minorities at these higher-level programs...and as a result, even if we haven’t directly got those students into our program, we’ve had other students apply and get in much more than we had in the past."

Hakim Weatherspoon, CSMore Co-Founder and Cornell Bowers CIS CS Professor

"This program was amazing...especially for underrepresented minorities; CS is more about exposure and experience than knowing theory. The more time and exposure you have to the content, the more comfortable you are with it, and the better people can do. So this program is definitely breaking barriers in that it’s trying to level the playing field for those who didn’t always have that exposure."

Oluwatise Alatise '23, CSMore Alumni

"Number one, I gained a better understanding of what CS curriculum at Cornell is...I also got to really build a good relationship with the professors who teach the upper-level CS courses. And then there’s the insight into what these upper-level classes are like, and what to expect coming into them. Along with that, I got to build some really close relationships with the students in my cohort and build a support network"

Abenazer Mekete '22, CSMore Almuni




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