E2E Hackathon

Engage to empower Hackathon


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Bowers CIS Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will host its annual Engage to Empower Hackathon (E2E) in October 2024 at Cornell University’s Duffield Hall. The event is expected to attract students from technical and non-technical backgrounds to work collaboratively on designing innovative solutions that will strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts across the globe. During the 36-hr competition, registered participants will connect with their team (between four to six members); receive mentorship from faculty, staff, and corporate representatives; and develop a resolution to their pre-selected challenge. At the conclusion of the event, each team finalist will present their deliverables to an audience of judges, peers, industry representatives, and higher education professionals for a chance to win up to $12,000 in cash prizes. 

E2E Hackathon Challenges:

The E2E Hackathon will offer three thematic tracks: Enhancing Accessibility, Empowering Underserved Communities, and Enriching Cultural Environments. Participating teams will pre-select their preferred challenge from one of the three tracks. Below outlines each track and the leading questions that will guide the formation of challenge statements composed by faculty, staff, and corporate representatives.

    • Enhancing Accessibility: How can organizations enhance the accessibility and affordability of their products, programs, and services to.  support the needs of marginalized populations?
    • Empowering Underserved Communities: How can organizations partner with educational institutions to address the social injustice and inequality experienced in underserved communities?
    • Enriching Cultural Environments: How can organizations create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment that celebrates difference and fosters a sense of belonging among its constituents?

Please Note: The E2E Hackathon is open to ALL students (regardless of degree program) from Cornell and select partner institutions. It is  the responsibility of the event organizers to review applications and admit students based on their experience, project ideas, and passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion.